Brrr it’s cold out there! How to prepare your pets for cold weather.

October 6, 2014 Small Animals 0

Preparing your pet for cold weather is important! Here are a few helpful tips of how to keep your furry friend safe and healthy entering cooler weather.

  • Schedule for a Winter Wellness Exam.

A wellness exam before entering the winter is a good idea. Making sure that your animal is in good body condition will help assure that they can adjust to the weather changes! Adjustment in their diet may need to be discussed.

  • Proper protection from the elements is a must.

If your animal lives outside please make sure they have a dog/cat house to go into that keeps them protected from the wind and wet weather. Bedding such as old blankets or woodchips can help maintain body heat, but be sure and change it a few times during the season so that it stays dry and clean!

  • Adjust their grooming style.

Our pets have a natural protection from cooler weather—it’s called fur! Make sure that you give your groomer permission to leave there hair a bit longer than normal in the cooler months, so that they stay warm. This may mean that you need to keep them brushed out to prevent matting.

  • Keep applying Flea Prevention!

This is particularly important for animals that get to spend time inside. Because the climate is controlled at a warmer level inside flea eggs can hatch year round!!

  • Make sure you make noise before starting your car.

Because animals are smart they seek out warm places to stay when it starts to cool off. This means that our car engines are a popular place for cats to sleep. If you have outdoor kitties make some noise before starting your vehicle to prevent an unfortunate accident.

Call today for your winter wellness!

Thinking warm thoughts!

Dr. Winter