Why is Intranasal Vaccination valuable?

October 6, 2014 Large Animals 0

Here is a hot topic for you– “Intranasal Vaccination”. I get asked questions often about why this form of vaccination is valuable. Today I want to spend a quick moment to point out the benefits of integrating an intranasal respiratory vaccine in your cow-calf/backgrounding protocol.

  • How is it administered?

The vaccine is a live vaccine that is mixed and then delivered via a nasal cannula syringe tip into each nostril. (Be sure and use a new tip for each animal!) This is an excellent form of vaccination administration when striving for BQA.

  • Why do we put it in the nostril?

One of the major benefits of this form of vaccination is that we can deliver the immune stimulation directly to the mucosal lining of the upper respiratory system. This provides a more realistic exposure to the viruses and stimulates the development of “Mucosal Immunity”.

  • Why is Mucosal Immunity important?

The upper airway just happens to be where the majority of exposure to Bovine Respiratory Disease occurs. Mucosal Immunity allows for an immediate response to be stimulated when exposure occurs, allowing the body to begin defending itself immediately.

Overall, this form of vaccination provides a quick and effective form of disease prevention. Swing by our clinic today to get a copy of my complete vaccination protocol for your production system.

Happy Processing!

Dr. Winter